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Foremost Dessert Shop in Berhampur

Restaurant is a handmade dessert brand that is able to turn your favourite flavours into the tastiest experience you could ask for. We are located in Berhampur, so if you’re around, drop by and see what outstanding dishes we have on offer. From the classics to new innovations, we offer a full range of flavourful treats and delights. If you have questions or enquiries, please use our booking form.

Excellent ingredients, excellent desserts

Our wide range of desserts cater to various dietary needs and are created with natural ingredients. Add this to a staff that will always receive you with a smile and you have a great place to bring your friends to discover different desserts. According to our customers, they recommend our classic and adventurous desserts in equal measure. If you’re stuck, our staff can recommend a choice based on your preferences, and you might even get to sample the dessert of the week.

The best dessert shop in town

What makes us special? It has to start with our staff. Not only are our professional excellent when it comes to answering questions and suggesting desserts if you’re having a hard time deciding, but all of our bakers always make sure that the sweet treats you taste are the best quality that you can find in Berhampur. We’re lucky enough to say that our loyal customers agree.


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